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News - Neiichkeede un Aldichkeede Events - Erfolk
Urglaawe was part of the Parliament in Salt Lake City, UT, from Thursday, October 14 through Monday, October 19, 2015! 

Distelfink Social Media Policy
As of October 2, 2015, Distelfink Sippschaft its previously understood rules into a social media policy.

Troth Kindred Affiliation Program
As of July 31, 2015, Distelfink Sippschaft is officially affiliated with The Troth. This formalizes a longstanding relationship between the two organizations that included Distelfink members being the primary organizers of Trothmoot 2015.

Philadelphia Pagan Pride Day
Philadelphia Pagan Pride Day is on Saturday, September 5, 2015, at Clark Park in Philadelphia. Distelfink will have a vending tent right by the Welcome tent.

Even More YouTube Videos Posted

Please check our Resources page for links to new Urglaawe-related YouTube videos!

Calendar 2015 and 2016


14: Ewicher Yeeger / Hollersege - Lüsch-Müsselman Graabhof, 1pm


Yule observance dates to be posted later. 

31: Berchtaslaaf, Fleetwood, PA


This is still rough-hewn, but here's the starting blocks for the 2016 calendar.

Sundown December 31: BERCHTASLAAF (Feast Day of goddess Berchta); TWELFTH NIGHT

January 1: Twelfth Day (of Yule), Feast of Frey; New Year's Day

Sundown of Feb. 1 until Sundown February 12: ENTSCHTANNING (including Groundhog Day, which starts sundown Feb. 1 and runs until sundown Feb. 2)

March 20: OSCHDRE (runs for 12 nights)

Sundown April 30: WONNEZEIT (including Walpurgisnacht/Wonnenacht, sundown April 30; May Day, sunrise May 1)

Sundown May 12, May 13, May 14: Observance of Frost Giant attacks

June 9-12: TROTHMOOT at Fort Flagler Retreat Center, Nordland, WA.


July: Honoring of the Weisskeppichi Fraa (date not set)

August: HOIETFESCHT - Haymaking observances throughout first half of month

September 22: ERNTFESCHT, Autumn Equinox, Harvest Home

September 28: ZISASEGE, Feast Day of Zisa

Sundown October 30: ALLELIEWEZIEL begins and runs for twelve nights

November 11: HOLLERSEGE/EWICHER YEEGER SEGE; Feast Day of Holler (Ullr)

Sundown December 20: YUUL; Yule begins

Sundown December 30: BERCHTASLAAF

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